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Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA)

EVLA - The endovenous laser ablation procedure involves thermal ablation of incompetent, refluxing, varicose veins. Unlike vein stripping, EVLA permanently shrinks and collapses the abnormal vein, thereby leaving it in place without surgically removing the vein. Laser energy is delivered through a tiny laser fiber inserted into the targeted varicose vein. The EVLA procedure is performed through a tiny nick in the skin to avoid scarring. No stitches are needed to close the small nick. The laser fiber is positioned using ultrasound guidance. We administer local anesthesia to completely numb the vein before treatment so the treatment is virtually painless. EVLA is an FDA-cleared minimally-invasive technique to treat symptomatic varicose veins with excellent clinical and aesthetic results. Complications are minimal in the hands of an experienced Vein Specialist. Most patients will be free of the symptoms that they had formerly suffered beginning the next day.

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