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IV Infusion Therapy

Meyers Cocktail- A powerful combination of essential vitamins and minerals, including important antioxidants.  Helps alleviate stress, improves immunity, restores balance, provides hydration helps reduce migraines, and reduces chronic pain. 45 Minutes $160

Immune Boost- Reduces the symptoms of viruses such as the common cold or flu.  Use prophylactically before travel or when you know your body will be under stress.  Protects against infections, improves healing time, reduces duration of illness.  Helps support natural immune system. 45 Minutes $160

Youth Infusion- Fights acne, wrinkles and tired skin from the inside out.  Protect your body against oxidative stress, regulates hormone levels, and provides relief from chronic fatigue. 45 Minutes $160

Hangover Rescue- Ease hangover headache, upset stomach, muscle aches and cramps, dehydration and nausea. 45 Minutes $160

IM Injections:

Vitamin D3 15 Minutes $25

Vitamin B12 15 Minutes $25

Lipo-Mino 15 Minutes $25

B12IM 15 Minutes $25


B12 15 Minutes $25

Glutathione 15 Minutes 1000mg $100, 500mg $50, 200mg $25

Biotin 15 Minutes $25

Vitamin C 15 Minutes 10g $75, 5g $50, 2g $25

Zinc 15Minutes $25

Toradol 15 Minutes 15mg $25, 30mg $50

Magnesium 15 Minutes $25