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BOTOX® Cosmetic

Botox is FDA approved to treat moderate to severe frown lines and wrinkles in between the brows and crow's feet.  This non-surgical procedure blocks nerve impulses that cause facial muscles to contract, in other words, Botox paralyzes the muscle so it can no longer move.  If there is no movement, the crease relaxes and thus, your wrinkles are smoother.  Once a patient is injected, they can expect to see their full result in 7 to 10 days.  Results typically last around 3 months.  Some patients can get results closer to 4 months, and those with particularly strong muscles may get closer to 2 months of no movement.

Some FAQ’s

How many units do most people get?

This can vary greatly from one person to the next.  On average, most people get injected with anywhere between 20 and 40 units.

How much does it cost?

Botox is $13.50 per unit.  Your cost depends on how many units you are injected with.  Here at Eterna, we do not charge an office visit fee or an injection fee.  The final price is strictly determined on how many units you are injected with.

How will I know how many units I need?

Prior to your treatment, the physician or nurse will consul.t with you.  During your consult you will be asked what areas concern you and what your expectations are.  If your concern is the line between your brows, the physician will examine that area and determine how many units would be needed in order to relax the muscle.  If you are comfortable with the amount of units, the physician will complete the treatment at that time.  

Will all of my wrinkles completely vanish?

Possibly.  Take a look in the mirror.  If your muscles are in a completely relaxed state and you have deep wrinkles in your forehead or around your eyes then it will take a combination of both Botox and other resources to minimize the look of the wrinkles.  Take a look at some of our options in the following sections:

Does it hurt?

Although there is an injection involved with this treatment, the needle used is extremely small.  We try to make our patients as comfortable as possible, by playing soothing music, or even applying Lidocaine numbing cream if requested.  We will even hold your hand if you are really nervous.

Who does the injections?

Only a licensed physician or nurse can inject Botox Cosmetic.  Our injectors here at Eterna have all been certified and trained for the past 6 years.  They all continue to stay up to date on the latest trends and injecting techniques by attending additional training seminars several times a year.  

Are there any risks with getting Botox?

For a complete list of risks associated with the treatment, please visit  Always discuss any health concerns or unusual side effects with your physician.

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